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Working from anywhere

Yes, it is nice to work from anywhere…especially if it’s like me right now…in the tropics by the pool. The weather is just perfect and calm. The temperature around 75…just perfect!

I wonder why more don’t do this. Yesterday, I posted a question on Linkedin about manging people by observation or managing them by results. My conclusion, is clear: the world is divided!!! (well, maybe I won’t get too far with that discovery) but it’s true. Companies, management, consultants, almost everyone still believes that observing is necessary. I truly don’t believe so.

Nowadays most people can be productive from the distance, as long as they have access to the tools needed to get the job done on time. The hardest part of this is getting the old fashion manager to understand that if well implemented, working from the distance can be a true advantage, and that my friends, is part of my job.

I’m still enjoying the pool, the breeze and a yummy barbecue… cheers!!!