How to increase your site’s traffic

There is plenty of talk about how to increase traffic to your site. Actually, believe or not, one of Social Media main commercial purposes is to attract people to your site and increase click. This always makes your blog/company site more valuable because it means YOU have direct access to possible clients. Some recommendations on how to do this is:

1. Create a real conversation: give the opportunity for people (customers/clients) to express themselves. There is a double catch with this because every time you open up a dialogue with your clients you will need to be prepared for both good and bad conversations. Anyhow, the gain surpasses the loss on this one!

2. Make your website about the reader, not just you and your company: traditional way of marketing and selling is straightforward. You have a product, you show the product, you highlight those attributes and sell it cheaper than anyone else (hopefully). If you want to join the Internet you need to have a different paradigm. You are no longer making a traditional presentation of a product but you are actually giving your reader something useful for free…this can be an advice, a tip, an offer, a solution…something that will make that person spread the word and most importantly will make them a regular in your site.

3. Need for a POD: POD stands for Point of differentiation. This entails your uniqueness as a company or a blogger. This also means you are speaking in a languages that the reader can relate to and in a style that catches his attention. The topics and ideas included make you different from the rest. Your point of view and your approaches are unique and original.

4. Generate content: to me, this is one of the most difficult things to make others understand, the importance of content generation. Up to a couple of years ago, the idea of sharing knowledge and information for free was totally out the question. Now, sharing as much content as you can, in the most genuine way you can is what generates value. Some people wonder about protecting their work but there is not such thing anymore. It is about reaching the most amount of people what generates value, not selling content to only a few.

5. Make your site findable: this means that when you google or yahoo your site comes up among the first ones. There are many ways to do that but mostly you will need to either update your site every minute or pay for it.

6. Make your site dynamic: keep new things coming to your site every day at least so people can come in for more. the more you change and add information the more likely people will come in to see what’s new and the more likely they are to recommend your site.

These are some suggestions, there are many more I will share some other time…

Please feel free to share what has worked for you in the past, we will all appreciate it!



First of all I want to thank everyone who contributed somehow in making the following list of names for the Radio Talk Show that we are planning to air soon!…A lot of LinkedIn users contributed with this list as well as blog readers and Facebook fans. Thanks for the support!!!!

Now that we have so many options we were wondering your opinion about them. Please help us pin point a couple of favorites….

Leadership and tech marketing today

Remotely Digital

All Things Virtual

Bits from the Field

The Collaborators

Making Sense of Remote

Team Remote.

Work on the Wire

The Team Stream

Virtually Challenged (maybe for a segment)

Idea bits

Ideas to byte on

Digital bazaars

Get swipes



Virtual village

Cyber marketing

BizClicker (take on the remote control) or clickerBiz… And take it a little further Clicker-Biz


Remote Viewing







Talking cart (a take on the shopping cart)

Store chat or store talk

WorkiNet (to sound like working it)

The Dio-Marketeer Show With Andreina


Real Time Leadeship and E-marketing

We deeply appreciate your comments this time!!!

Datos interesantes sobre Twitter en Lationamerica

Random thoughts on virtual work

Working from a distance is something that is happening more and more by the minute. Companies have found good advantages in having employees work from different locations and even from home. Usually this means less time dedicated to travel, less time commuting, result based management…in other words, and ideally it translates in lower costs and resourcefulness.

The reality is that depending on the composition of the teams and the company’s culture, the challenges of working remotely are simply different than those of other teams and organizations. Some things like purpose clarity and communication are non-negotiable in having a successful team, but other aspects, like structural complexity, technology, time management and culture are new challenges that need to be addressed differently both by the leaders and teams.

If a company has a clear idea of the “reasons” to implement remote work, then it will be way easier for that company to understand in its own reality what it needs to work on. Remote works should not be improvised but well planned and  thought. Paradigms like over control, limitations, lack of freedom to make decisions and managing by tasks need to change, and this is the difficult part. So only if the company’s culture or needs allows it, there changes in beliefs could take place.

Companies are being slow in adapting to these changes, especially in other countries where the majority would benefit so much from them but where improvisations rule. When it comes to changing the way people work, change needs to be planned and executed in a smart way so it can last for as long as it needs to. If you need help in learning how to make your employees more effective when working from the distance, please contact us for a free consultation @ Remote Leadership

Have a great week… and good luck!

Facebook Ads

I would never suggest to use Facebook ads to increase sales but to build your presence in the digital world and get more followers. These followers won’t necessarily buy your product but they will definitively be the first to be informed on any new moves of your business and will be the first to help with the word of mouth marketing. You can also begin a valuable dialog with these followers you would have never had before. When it comes to Facebook ads you need to see them as a tool to increase traffic site and gain followers.

Here is a chart with information on respond Facebook ads by industry

Please click the imagine to see bigger




Marketing Digital?, Me suena a pérdida de tiempo!!!

He escuchado muchas veces a mis amigos decirme que el marketing digital les suena a perder el tiempo. Cosa que es bastante lógica, ya que existen muchísimas personas que aun piensan que tener un perfil en Facebook, Twitter, Youtube o LinkedIn sólo puede hacerles perder el tiempo. Amigos, nada más alejado de la realidad.

El mundo está cambiando la manera en que se comunica, y lo mismo tendrán que hacer las empresas si quieren mantenerse competitivas en este mundo y el que está por venir. Ya no se trata de tener líderes que solamente innoven o que tengan visión y sepan implementar estrategias, se trata de líderes que se adapten a las nuevas realidades y se atrevan a seguirlas. Las redes sociales y el marketing digital vinieron para quedarse.

Cada ejecutivo, cada gerente, cada empresa debe aprender a manejar su imagen digital. Lo cierto es que si los profesionales no entran en este nuevo mundo, es muy posible que no entiendan el impacto que puede tener para su negocio y que no estén aprovechando todo el potencial de conexiones que está a su alcance. Los resultados de su negocio se pueden ver completamente afectados de manera positiva al desarrollar una estrategia de marketing digital bien planteada y bien planificada. La relación con sus clientes puede cambiar para ahorrarse muchísimos recursos y poder entablar una conversación gratis con su cliente que le permita escucharlo mejor. Usted a nivel personal puede conseguir la cantidad de contactos que necesita para hacer crecer su negocio y su carrera, así como aliados estratégicos en distintas partes del mundo.

Todo trae sus riesgos. Abrirse al mundo de las redes sociales y el mundo virtual trae muchísimas ventajas pero hay que manejarse con prudencia. Lo que se escribe en línea queda grabado y es imposible de borrar por completo. Por eso lo mejor que pueden hacer es “aprender” lo más que puedan del tema para aprovechar sus indiscutibles ventajas.

How to make a video more viral

To attract more traffic to your videos you need to understand how the psychology behind video sharing work and that includes who, what and how videos are shared easily.

Some facts:

1. Age and gender: most women between the ages of 18 and 34 years old share most of the videos.

2. Channel: Facebook accounts for 76% video sharing. More than twitter and E-mail together

3. The shorter the better: Videos of less than 30 secs get 37% more hits than those of 30 secs to 1 min

So when trying to make a video viral, take into consideration these numbers., it might help.