Acerca de Nosotros

Somos un grupo de profesionales dedicados y comprometidos a ayudar a las empresas a aumentar su productividad tomando en cuenta las realidades actuales y los retos del futuro, haciendo nuestra propuesta importante para su organización.

En este blog compartiremos nuestras mejores practicas, asi como los obstáculos que enfretamos en este nuevo mundo conectado. Esperamos poder ayudarlo con ideas de cómo mejorar los ingresos de su negocio y ayudarlo a manejar las necesidades de comportamiento en este nuevo mundo basado en tecnología.

We are a group of dedicated professionals committed to help companies increase their productivity. We take into consideration today’s realities and future challenges to make our proposals meaningful to any company.

Here we will share our best practices as well as our obstacles in creating results in this new connected world. We hope this will give you ideas on how to improve profitability and to help you focus on the behavioral needs in today’s technological world.

This blog will be written either in English or Spanish.

Remote Leadership, LLC

Today, more than ever, companies are trying to respond to new, upcoming challenges. Telework, e-commuting, work from home (WFH) and work at home (WAH) are areas that are constantly growing. One thing is clear, the fact that these areas look very appealing for companies implementing these changes is far more complicated than it appears. Expert advise is mandatory when dealing with the planning of major organizational changes like these.

We help your company and your employees move from the typical “managing by observation” approach to a “managing by results” approach. Our services include both the organizational and virtual expertise to leverage your efforts in facing current realities.

Our goal is to help you with today’s challenges by constantly sharing our thoughts and insights with you. The idea is also to hear from you about your everyday challenges. Most of the help is available via our web page, but if you need more specific help, you can always contact us directly.

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