How to increase your site’s traffic

There is plenty of talk about how to increase traffic to your site. Actually, believe or not, one of Social Media main commercial purposes is to attract people to your site and increase click. This always makes your blog/company site more valuable because it means YOU have direct access to possible clients. Some recommendations on how to do this is:

1. Create a real conversation: give the opportunity for people (customers/clients) to express themselves. There is a double catch with this because every time you open up a dialogue with your clients you will need to be prepared for both good and bad conversations. Anyhow, the gain surpasses the loss on this one!

2. Make your website about the reader, not just you and your company: traditional way of marketing and selling is straightforward. You have a product, you show the product, you highlight those attributes and sell it cheaper than anyone else (hopefully). If you want to join the Internet you need to have a different paradigm. You are no longer making a traditional presentation of a product but you are actually giving your reader something useful for free…this can be an advice, a tip, an offer, a solution…something that will make that person spread the word and most importantly will make them a regular in your site.

3. Need for a POD: POD stands for Point of differentiation. This entails your uniqueness as a company or a blogger. This also means you are speaking in a languages that the reader can relate to and in a style that catches his attention. The topics and ideas included make you different from the rest. Your point of view and your approaches are unique and original.

4. Generate content: to me, this is one of the most difficult things to make others understand, the importance of content generation. Up to a couple of years ago, the idea of sharing knowledge and information for free was totally out the question. Now, sharing as much content as you can, in the most genuine way you can is what generates value. Some people wonder about protecting their work but there is not such thing anymore. It is about reaching the most amount of people what generates value, not selling content to only a few.

5. Make your site findable: this means that when you google or yahoo your site comes up among the first ones. There are many ways to do that but mostly you will need to either update your site every minute or pay for it.

6. Make your site dynamic: keep new things coming to your site every day at least so people can come in for more. the more you change and add information the more likely people will come in to see what’s new and the more likely they are to recommend your site.

These are some suggestions, there are many more I will share some other time…

Please feel free to share what has worked for you in the past, we will all appreciate it!

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