What is happening in Egypt could happen to your company…

No, I’m not talking about a coup or riots, it is clear companies are NOT democracies. I’m not talking about deep discontent. I’m talking about the ability of people to connect, communicate, agree and execute, not only within the company but with clients and providers.

Yes, adding more means of communication sounds terrifying and some might think it takes control away from them, which is totally true, but if well managed, the profit can be uniquely huge!.

Imagine a company in which employees communicate in a way it creates collective thinking. I think that goes beyond teamwork. The ability to respond to challenges faster than others and to create new services and products based on real client needs is priceless.

To me the success of creating effective collective thinking depends on how much a company understands and implements the changes needed. To do so, top management needs to adapt very quickly to this new Social Media reality and react accordingly.


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