Engaging the Customer

So it’s not just about knowing how to use Social Media like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin. It’s about the

A connected world doesn't mean efficiency. We need to learn how to function in this new reality.

old fashion customer engagement, only in a different reality using new tools; and settings. I have to say that the rules are changing and customers know so.

Customer engagement nowadays focuses mainly on INTERACTION. The old model tells us ask customers how they feel about our product, service, experience, etc. We then measure their satisfaction and take the necessary steps to keep that customer happy. To me, it never really worked. This old version of customer feedback requires changes in mindset and keeps the relationship static.

Experience today tells us it works better to keep your customer involved as much as possible in your company’s dynamic. The relationship with your customers needs to be in constant motion. Now customers are not only capable of rating my products and services but they are the ones in charge of a good deal of the publicity (word of mouth. Well, virtual word of mouth). They also generate new ideas that suit their real needs. Now that makes a bit more sense! I want your customers to give you  immediate feedback and ideas to improve my products and services. I want you to get to their hearts and have access to their truth. You need a Social Customer interaction strategy!

This is not happening yet in many countries, where companies are operating like in the 1970’s, but regardless of where in the globe you are, we are all sooner or later heading that way. If you don’t have a set and comprehensive old customer strategy, why bother? My advice is to just go ahead and adopt the new tendency. It can only make you more effective and save you time and money. Go Virtual and skip the painful and long evolution of customer interaction.

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